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The patient was clinically evaluated by consultant endocrinologist Dr Tony Goldstone, who runs a specialist genetics obesity clinic at Hammersmith Hospital. The patient's parents are cousins, giving her a relatively high likelihood of inheriting the same genetic change from both parents. She had an older brother with similar symptoms who died aged 21.

Dr Jenkins and Dr Cetin together mulberry outlet uk with the schools and Alevi Centre are now producing a resource pack for use by other schools with a significant population of Alevi families and the project has received critical acclaim within the Alevi community in the UK and in Turkey. The next stage of the research will be to conduct a survey to map the presence of the Alevi community to support their case for inclusion in the 2021 Census. The 2000 BERA prize money christian louboutin pas cher will be used to set up an enrichment programme in the school next year called the Alevi Hidden Culture Project, researching Alevi culture and their family history in London and Turkey to produce an exhibition and documentary of their community..

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