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Eau Claire (WQOW) Memorial High School was in mourning Monday after Band Director Gene Power was killed in a car accident in Dodge County Saturday night.Memorial Band Director Eric Dasher was in tough with Power since in start in 2002, and said Memorial was Power's home that he was excited to return to."We were excited for students and staff to have him back," Dasher said.Memorial Orchestra Director Soma Pierce Smit knew Power from christian louboutin outlet online college, and said she will always remember him as a lively instructor."He was hilarious," Pierce Smit said. "He was a lot of fun, silly, sarcastic, goofy, passionate about music, and loved to work with students."Dasher and Pierce Smit said Power did it all, from marching to jazz band, orchestra, pop band, show band, musicals and more."We've known him for so long, and we know what the kids are missing," Dasher said. "That's really what mulberry outlet york we're grieving today."Staff said they would never forget the phone calls that rang like a sad song Sunday after people learned Power passed away."I think I just sat motionless for an hour," Dasher said.

"I need to think about it""_________, obviously there is something that either doesn't make sense to you, or you need to check on something, I'm not sure. But procrastinating on this won't help make this decision easier for mulberry outlet uk you. Let me ask you this: What proof do I need to give you right now that this will work for you, to help you make that decision?""You know ________, whenever someone tells me they have to think about it, it's usually because the price isn't exactly where they would like it to be is that part of what you need to think about?.

A Trudeau victory could mean improved relations between Canada and the United States, which have soured christian louboutin pas cher over President Barack Obama reluctance to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. Trudeau supports the Alberta to Texas pipeline, which is crucial to Canada as it seeks infrastructure to export its growing oil sands production. But Trudeau says relations between the two major trading partners should not hinge on one project and has vowed to smooth over tensions.

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